The RESET-BOOTCAMP is a total body transformation program. This online program will help you transform your body without having to live like an athlete.

Welcome to the Academy!

The DylanPT academy is the leading thread in the online bootcamp.

The academy contains video’s packed full of practical information along with actions tasks that guide you through the program. You will learn the ins-and-outs about nutrition, fitness, implementing goals and much more.

I created the academy taking into consideration that you don’t have time to spend hours on gaining knowledge.

So instead of making hour-long and boring video’s that contain only ‘some’ useful information, I created microlearning video’s which are packed full of information that applies to your needs and you implement directly.

At the end of the program you should have more knowledge than your average fitness-trainer and learned a new SUPERPOWER. Namely; Controlling your physique.

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